Single-family Residential Buildings

     Ekostroy Ltd. Has participated in the construction or renovation of a large number of residential buildings in all Bulgaria. Our employees have long-term experience in construction. You may contact us for different types of construction or renovation work, such as:
    • new construction of houses or other buildings, new floors, terraces;
    • repair of roofs (including chimneys, penthouses);
    • reconstruction, overhaul of buildings;
    • thermal and waterproofing of buildings, drainage;
    • partial repair, refreshment and interior renovation of rooms;
    • yard design, retaining walls, paths, pavements, sheds, barbecues, fences etc.;
    • construction of swimming pools;
    • water supply and sanitation;
    • dismantling works;
    • others.
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     After inspecting the object you will get an offer containing all planned construction and repair works that will be performed, with their estimated quantities and values.

Photos from completed single-family residential buildings

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